Vehicle Maintenance Check List – 7 Proven Secrets to Improve Your Vehicle Life

Your vehicle is not just a tool that you own but, it is your companion in travelling and daily commuting as well. Obviously, you need a smooth and comfortable companion that does not fail at crucial times. The only way to do this is to stick to the following vehicle maintenance check list. These seven golden tips will ensure that you enjoy every ride in your car.

#1 check the vital liquids of your car

Your radiator should be topped up from time to time, as couple of times of liquid shortage can blow your engine. Checking the hydraulic fluid of the break, the steering wheel and the transmission gear is also vital because it keeps everything working properly

#2 check the tires of your vehicle

Whether you are commuting for a short distance or you are crossing the country, you need to make sure of the tire pressure. This important item of your vehicle check list can save you a lot because wrong pressure means more friction and more wear of the tires.

#3 use the right octane fuel

Although it is tempting to use cheaper gas but, always vehicle check use the right type to extend the life of your vehicle

#4 keep your car clean

Do not miss this part of the vehicle maintenance check list because you will be surprised of the effect of dirt on your car.

#5 engine oil

You cannot complete a vehicle maintenance check list without checking the engine oil. Make sure it is not burnt out or lost its viscosity.

#6 check the battery

Starting your vehicle on a dead battery is a very bad for your vehicle because it consumes different parts of the engine and the motor starter as well.

#7 constant monitoring for abnormal sounds

The final point on your vehicle maintenance check list is ongoing as long as you are driving your vehicle. Always keep an eye on any change that occurs to the performance or attitude of your vehicle. This will help you diagnose the faulty part.

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