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Tired Of Being Warcraft Gold Poor – Farming Gold Can Be Very Easy

Making gold in world of warcraft is an art that can be learned, once you have acquired the proper techniques you will find that farming gold becomes very easy.

So why is having gold so important in world of warcraft? Good question! Without gold its almost impossible to level up your character, you can’t afford the better weapons and armor, and the game will become work not fun.

Lets take a look at some ways to accumulate gold as quickly as possible in wow.

You can go to Azshara where you can kill the blood elves and not only pickup gold but also potions and other items you can sell. If you have decent armor or weapons you can also grind demons who will drop better equipment and higher level potions.

The Eastern Plaguelands is another excellent place to pickup gold, head on over to the undercroft and go after the zombies they are not all that hard to kill here and makes for very effective gold gathering.

If you can put together a group The Dire Maul Tribute is a good place to acquire gold I don’t recommend doing this on your own, but with a group can be very effective for farming gold.

A great place for gathering gold with a group is Stratholme you can Buy wow gold  pickup a lot of gold, disenchanted items and much more in less than a half hour.

If you can disenchant items Uldamann is your place, if you don’t have that skill yet then you can kill Galgann Firehammer and he will drop a couple of items that disenchant well, and if you wait for him to respawn you will also pickup some gold.

A great way to Farm wow Gold is just like it is in the real world buy low and resell high a technique that is used a lot in world of warcraft, keep an eye on the auction house see what is in high demand then buy the lowest priced one and then just resell it at a higher price a simple and effective way of making gold, a lot of players don’t want to wait and are willing to buy at inflated prices.

If you take the time to do this you will find it easy to farm gold because you will have acquired a very effect list of the hot selling items that are in high demand.


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