The World of Music in Your Pocket

Small is beautiful. A computer which used to be housed in a big room has now seen a transition via lap to the palm. So is the world of music. We have now mini speakers and mini phones that match the size of laptops, MP4 player, MP3 player and iPods. The size is stepping into the shoes of the future Nano technology but the quality has nowhere been compromised. These are light weight, durable and a sound that is crystal clear and loud enough to satisfy those who carry with themselves and envies those who happen to be in the surrounding. These miniature gadgets are powered by USB. These get charged while in play mode.

Mini speakers come in numerous variations in sizes and shapes with enchanting color. These are in shapes of colorful dolls to embrace girls. Others are in animal shapes to attract children. Some have perfect geometric shapes to fascinate the 21st. century youths and some are simply gentlemanly decent to become homely with the elders. These are music personified in decorative ambiance which you would like to place on your shelf or study table. Just imagine a 3.5 mm white cylindrical speaker with a 1.5 inch LCD screen supported FM radio enabled speaker having a great signal to noise ratio of over 80 decibels that only weighs around 10 gram but covering a frequency response between 150-18000 Hz supported by TF memory card to play music and powered through 5V DC coupled with USB cable. Such a 5.2 cm cube speaker comes with an earphone plug, strap and a manual to strap

To add spice to your inclination for mini size gadgets, there are mini phone receivers in cool color having an operational range up to 10 meters with adjustable volume and built-in 300 mAH rechargeable Lithium battery giving a talk time of over 5.5. Hours. These mini phones are compatible with Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung etc. The Bluetooth version V2.0 is compatible with V1.1/1.2 and comes with one USB charging cable, one carrying strap and a manual to consult. Now, you do not have to leave your desk to instruct, chat or gossip.

These products are shipped worldwide without any charge. There is a one year warranty when you purchase these music magicians. The payment mode is very simple. You may pay through internationally recognized PayPal. There is the latest doorship facility which prompts a supplier to prepare the stock and ship the same to the customer directly through airmail, DHL, EMS, UPS etc. If for some reasons, you are not satisfied then you may safely return the product under 30 days money back guarantee pledge.



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