Sex Up Your First Phone call

If you meet online, that first phone call is always a little awkward. But if you do it right, your first call can show her you’re a cool, confidant, and sexy guy. First impressions over the phone tend to carry over when you meet in person as well. I have a few pointers on giving your voice a sexy sound, keeping the conversation flowing, and even making it a little naughty:

  1. SEXY VOICE. To sex up your phone voice, you probably need to make your voice a little deeper and speak a little slower and softer than you do normally. Remember to relax and take deep breaths. When i get nervous or excited, I tend to stop breathing, which just makes my voice sound high and squeaky. Don’t make your voice so deep that you sound like a monotone Darth Vadar. Just project a natural, but slightly sexier version of you.
  2. READ THE CUES. On the phone, we miss out on the smiles, nods, and other visual cues that give in-person conversations a natural flow. Sometimes it helps to imagine she’s in the room with you (clothing optional). Be an ‘active listener. ‘ If you find yourself nodding, translate that into an ‘un huh’ or other verbal way to let her know you’re listening and engaged. You also have to imagine what her non-verbal cues might me. If she’s silent or seems bored, you can either keep babbling like I do, or do the smart thing and change the topic or ask her a question.
  3. TALK DIRTY. Even though she’ll probably play hard to get and not put out on the first call, phone sex can be a fun way to explore each other’s fantasies and learn what really turns her on. You can also tease and ask: “So, what are you wearing? ” If she sounds shocked, quickly write if off as a joke. If she plays along, though, ask her: “What do you picture ME wearing? ” The great thing about phone sex is that you can be decked out in whatever outfit she finds sexy (a suit, your sweaty gym clothes, etc. ), without even changing out of your boxers. Take what she gives you and add in the details. Make her hands your hands. Tell her where you want her to touch herself and ask her to describe each sensation.

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