Samsung UN46B6000 LED TV – Is This the Future of Televisions?

The big problem with a flat screen tv is that although it is beautifully thin compared tiny task mac to the big box televisions which we used to sit in front of, is that they are a power consuming nightmare. Our old television set may have been bigger in dimensions but ironically enough, it actually used less electricity.

Enter The Age Of The LED Screen

Plasma and LCD screens have a big disadvantage in terms of the environment and your electricity bill – they use far too much power. To get the brightness, detail and clarity that is needed for these screens they suck up a fair amount of precious electricity.

The big television manufacturers have been working on this problem for a number of years and are now bringing to market a number of new models based on LED technology. LEDs use 40% less energy compared to standard LCD and plasma models, providing a nice saving in yearly running costs, whilst helping out the environment. LEDs also provide a richness and true life quality to the picture providing a realistic black and a pristine white, that plasmas and LCDs are unable to do.

Samsung UN46B6000 LED Television

Samsung are among the first manufacturers to bring this new LED technology to life in their new range of televisions. The use of LED technology has allowed them to slim down the casing so that the Samsung looks amazingly sleek compared to its fatter designed LCD competitors. To enhance its thin design and make it stand apart from the boring black cases of its rivals they have also incorporated a translucent colour around the edges of the TV.

Samsung haven’t scrimped on the technological features of the UN46B6000 either. They have developed solutions which reduce motion blur and judder, and a 120hz refresh rate; giving amazing clarity for fast moving images such as in sports or gaming.

Samsung’s InfoLink service can instantly update news,weather,stocks and sports information with just a simple touch of the remote. In addition to the ethernet link, Samsung have side mounted a USB2 port so that you can connect USB storage device to watch your movie or photo collection on this fantastic looking screen.


The Samsung UN46B6000 is a fantastic purchase if you’re looking at cutting your electricity bill or would like to do your bit for the environment. The other great benefit of this TV is that you’re future proofing your purchase. LCD and plasma TVs will be phased out over the next few years, so its probably a good idea to get behind what is set to become the new industry standard.


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