Samsung UE40C8000 Review

Samsung brings about the latest in ultra slim LED flat screen televisions from their range with the new Samsung UE40C8000 LED TV. This superb television is part of the new Samsung Luxia television brand, which features incredible advances in audio-visual technology.

The Samsung UE40C8000 supports 3D technology from Blu Ray Disc Player The television can also convert normal 2D content into 3D playback. It has an integrated Freeview HD support and Internet at Home which is a gateway to broadcasting from services such as BskyB, BBC iPlayer, Muzu.TV and LoveFilm amongst others.

This television is just below 3-mm in depth and has a 40 inch screen. It is one of the thinnest a full 1080 pixels HD TVs worldwide.

PVR functionality means that you can store and access programs via a Universal Serial Bus hard disc drive for future viewing. This means that you no longer need a separate recording or playback device – the Samsung UE40C8000 television is the ultimate all-in-one solution.

The Samsung Internet feature is accessible via WiFi or Ethernet and can be used to access Samsung Apps. Samsung Apps offers a huge variety of games, gadgets and widgets and other content that you can access from this Samsung UE40C8000 television.

The Samsung 8 Series range of television feature flicker removal that is associated with normal television broadcasts. This is done by means of the built-in Motion Plus technology. 3D content is displayed on the Samsung UE40C8000 in fast action. Mega contrast gives you the best in color technology. Experience rich, vibrant colors and deep blacks with the superb broadcast quality brought to you by Samsung. 55au7700

This Samsung UE40C8000 television is a beautifully designed appliance, weighing a mere 14.9 kg, in brushed steel finishing and compliments any home environment. The remote also has a brushed steel finishing.

The sound system includes Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse, and SRS Theater Sound. This means that you will experience digital sound effects the way that the director had intended on up to 7.1 channels. SRS Premium Sound technology allows you to experience sound like never before. Deep rich bass and pure dialogue ensure that you do not miss a single beat of the action.

The Samsung UE40C8000 television has a number of connections, which include four HDMI connections, AV and Component Video, 2 SCART adapters, VGA-sub connection, Audio Out adapter, 2 Universal Serial Bus 2.0 ports, CI connection and a LAN port. This enables you to connect various devices such as Play stations, game consoles and more. The USB ports allow you to view pictures and other multi-media information.

This amazing piece of technology is Personal Video Recorder ready, which means that you can store and record programming at the touch of a button. You no longer need to purchase more devices for recording, as this Samsung UE40C8000 television is an all-in-one home entertainment system. Interactive features include an electronic program guide and Picture-In-Picture capability.


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