Pros and Cons of Online Gaming

The fusion of social networking and games has offered a thirst quenching entertainment package for individuals to enjoy with their friends. It is like a ride which helps you talk to different people from various backgrounds, and of course a way to stay connected to long distance relatives in a joyful way. You may find people spending a huge amount of time on playing poker over the internet. This is only because of the emergence of such exclusive technology. Yet, as everything has pros and cons, this type of gaming also has them. Hence, this article will focus on everything, with respect to this type of gaming. LIVE22 

Starting with pros, online gaming has offered a new door for every avid gamer. Now, all the gamers who once were deprived with the cost of the console games and even the DVDs. Console games such as Xbox and PlayStation is actually expensive for many people. Hence, these types of games have certainly filled the void and marked the start of a new clan. This type of gaming has also embarked the commencement of new leisure activities for everyone. Another advantage of online gaming is its’ interactive and keeps us aloof of stress and anxiety and has become refreshment for many employees working in a stressful environment.

Coming to the cons, one of the major disadvantages of online gaming is its addiction. Many adolescents have been addicted to this type of games, which has disrupted their overall life style. Studies, good sleep and rest have been severely effected by addictive gaming. All such radical changes have made it a real problem for parents. It has also has biological effects, such as reducing the power of retina. One of the major negative impacts of online gaming is its effects body muscles, as people have to set for a long time.

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