How Merchant Services Can Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Hotel

Merchant services can speak volumes for your hotel, in addition to vastly improving the quality of your services and hospitality. All consumers want to know that their money is being processed safely, without having to worry about any potential hassles coming later down the road. Merchant services allows for all transactions to go through smoothly, so that your guests won’t have to be disturbed with any troubles or difficulties later.

With merchant services, it is easy and convenient to accept all major credit and debit cards, checks and even your business’ own personalized gift cards. In this day and age, there are so many options for payment available and customers often pay in a variety of different ways. Customers expect to be able to use any of their typical forms of payment, and prefer to return to a business where that is accepted with ease.

Merchant services allow for customers’ payments to processed quickly, efficiently and with ease. Don’t keep your customers waiting for a slow server or connection. Swipe their card and let them begin their relaxing vacation just moments later.

There is often the option of having all credit card processes address matched to lessen the chances of the fraud. Similarly, check verification is highly recommended, as it screens checks against a database of “bad check writers”.

While you are protecting your customers, don’t’ forget to protect yourself as well. The speedy processing of customer payments also means that the money comes to you in a more efficient manner. Deposits from credit and debit sales typically show  merchant services agent iso program  up on your end in two to four days.

With an effective merchant account, customer credits can be issued without delay. If you need to credit a customer because of a discount or service reason, the credits can show up on their account immediately. Contrarily, if a client wishes to prepay for a particular amount on their account, their account can be credited so that if they choose, they can immediately go to the spa or restaurant to spend some of the credit.

Similarly, gift cards can be promptly issued. You might also consider establishing loyalty cards that offer some incentive for repeat visits. If, for whatever reason, a refund needs to be given to a credit card, refunds post within forty-eight to seventy-two hours of the transaction request.

All transactions undertaken through a merchant account can be viewed online. Every detail is listed concisely so that if any questions arise, you have the power to quickly sort out the issue. These stored records can be used for your own personal information as well to help you with tax reasons. Alternatively, they can come in handy if you opt to run analytics to find out important details that could greatly help sales or marketing plans.

Once you’ve got a great merchant account, it becomes easy to combine items from different areas of your property. Bar or restaurant tabs, spa visits, and room charges can easily be combined to be processed at one time. All customers of the hotel can truly relax, letting their charges be processed on to their hotel bill, or under their name, to be paid in full at checkout. This is a luxurious feeling that many customers prefer, rather than having to deal with the hassle of paying for something instantly when they would rather be on vacation.

Special options are available for restaurants to ensure that all processes run smoothly. If you have a large restaurant, you may wish to have separate numbers for each of your servers. Tips can be added at the time of transaction processing, or adjusted soon after by having the customer fill it in on a signed receipt.  These purchases can easily be combined with purchases from other areas of the property.

Many different types of terminals can be installed to best suit your company’s needs. The most common is the swipe card terminal for credit and debit cards, and there are several different types of these to match the look and ambiance of your own business. Custom setups can also be negotiated and designed to best meet your company’s needs.


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