Foodies That Can Be Harmful To Your Teeth

Food, in general, is necessary to supply nutrients to our bodies. As soon as people pass the stage of solely taking in milk from bottles during infancy, we begin to start taking in solid food – which almost never stops in one lifetime. It basically fuels us to do our daily activities productively and effectively. cbd oil in Canada It keeps us moving forward in whichever field we are in. However, there are different kinds of food available for our consumption in the market. Some may be considered “needs” for our body, while others are considered “wants.” Mostly, the ones that are categorized to the latter are the ones that give harm to our teeth, taking us to a dental clinic more often than usual. A few food examples are listed in the following paragraphs to let you know which ones need to be avoided.

Gummy Candies

Candies often deceive children mainly because of their attractive colors that never fail to draw attention. They are so tempting especially for children that they are not able to resist the promise of sweet taste. Gummy candies on the other hand are stronger food temptations for someone who has a sweet tooth. The various shapes add up to the whole idea, not to mention the fun way of chewing them. But didn’t you know that gummy candies cause dental cavity more than ordinary candies? Yes. Most likely gummy candies stick longer to teeth after eating producing and spreading acidic substances to the enamel, thus, causing teeth to weaken. To avoid going to your dental clinic at an unlikely time of the year, eat gummy candies during meal time. They say we tend to produce more saliva during these times. It is safe to say that saliva help wash away the sweets that stick on our teeth.

Potato Chips

Who can resist eating potato chips? I guess no one can. French fries and junk foods all having different levels of potato flavor are always marketable when one watches any kind of sport, movie, party, etc. They are just always present in family gatherings and get-together with friends. But since potatoes are starchy in nature, they are mostly prone to be attacked by bacteria found in plaques that they can destroy your teeth in as fast as 20 minutes. Yes, that’s how speedy the effect is! Habitually eating potato chips without the immediate care and cleaning could take a toll on your oral health. Ask about it in the nearest dental clinic to your home. You’ll have this information validated.

Ice Cubes

Some people just love to chew ice for fun or for no reason at all. I even admit doing it when I was younger. Most of the time, people think of the deed as something that should not to be feared of – since ice cubes do not have sugar content. However, what most people do not know is that too much cold from food being taken in can cause some nerves to react depending on one’s dental sensitivity. Moreover, hardness of ice cubes can also cause teeth to chip and crack unexpectedly. If you do not want to undergo any teeth beautifying procedure in a dental clinic, avoid the chipping and cracking, darling! It’s for your own good.

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