Five Free Bridal Shower Games To Consider At The Bridal Shower You’re Planning

Chances are if you’re reading this article, you must be in the process of planning or helping to plan a bridal shower. Planning a bridal shower is a big job, that’s why I say ‘helping’ because chances also are that you probably aren’t in charge of the entire event. Maybe you’re just in charge of choosing the bridal shower games that are going to be played at the bridal shower. In any event, this article is going to give you just that: Five free bridal shower games!

The first of the five free bridal shower games is, “The Most Beautiful Bridal Gown.”

Get ready to laugh till your stomach hurts with this game! Whoever is planning the shower needs to buy a few rolls of white toilet tissue before the shower. When it’s time for the game, divide the guests into teams of 3-5 people. So, if 30 people are attending the bridal shower, you could have 6 teams of 5 people each. Each team picks a model to wear what will be the most beautiful wedding dress hong kong toilet tissue wedding gown ever! So, using the above example, you would have 6 models, each model requiring about 1-2 rolls of tissue, therefore, you’d need to buy about 6-12 rolls of tissue. Now, the idea of the game is for each team to design and fashion a wedding gown out of toilet tissue. The design process is not limited to just a wedding gown. Teams can design earrings, tiaras, or anything else they can think of, as long as everything is made using the toilet tissue. This game is hilarious to watch. You can set a timer for this game and limit the teams times to say 6-7 minutes and make it even more exciting. When the time is up, it’s time for the bride-to-be to pick her favorite bridal gown! You could elect to give the winning team a prize if you choose, however it’s not required. The best part about this game: the pictures and video footage! TIP: For this bridal shower game, I would not suggest that you use the soft kind of tissue because it breaks too easy. I truly hope that you choose to play this game at the bridal shower you’re planning. It’s always been a big hit at the ones I’ve attended.

The second of the five free bridal shower games is: “Who Knows The Bride Best?”

This bridal shower game is pretty cool game to play to get the party started. First of all, either write on a piece of paper and make photocopies or type and print a list of questions concerning the bride (favorite color, favorite food, where she met groom, what she’s scared of, what her dream car is, name she wants her first child to have, dream vacation, etc.). Pass a copy out to each bridal shower guest and set a time limit. The person with the most correct answers when time runs out is the winner! Fun to see who really knows the bride!

The third of the five free bridal shower games is: “Gotcha! Memory Game!”

This one is really cool. You might want to actually play this one first. Let the guests know that you’re going to be playing a memory game. Do not, I repeat, do NOT say, “Memorize what’s on the tray.” Have the bride or mother of the bride come out with a tray or platter of kitchen utensils and walk around the room fairly slow to let everyone get a chance to see what’s on the tray. When she has circled the room, have her exit and stay out. Then, on a piece of paper, have everyone write down what the bride or mother of the bride was wearing! The guests will be murmuring like crazy!! The reason it’s best to play this game first is because you don’t want to give the guests too much opportunity to actually remember what the bride or mother of the bride is wearing. So, pretty much after everyone first arrives, it’s best to play. Anyway, the person who answers most correctly (color and type of outfit, shoes, jewelry, etc.) is the winner. If you purchase the kitchen utensils new, the bride would get to keep them as a bridal shower gift!

The fourth of the five free bridal shower games is: “The Ice Breaker!”

This is a really great game to play if you have a lot of guests who don’t know each other. First, have each guest stand up and say their name and also say something that they like that begins with the first letter of their name. I’ll give you an example: “Hi, my name is Amy and I like apples.” Then Amy would sit down and the person next to my would stand up and say their name and something that they like that begins with the first letter of their name AND then say the previous guests name and what they like. Example: “Hi, my name is Rebecca and I like roses and her name is Amy and she likes apples.” The game gets harder as more people stand up and say their name because each new person that stands up has to remember all the previous guests names and what they like. You can imagine how crazy it can get, but I guarantee everyone will know each other’s names by the end of this wacky bridal shower game!! Have fun!!

The last and final of the five free bridal shower games for you is: “Musical Bouquet!”

This is a really fun and as always, free bridal shower game that is similar to the children’s game, Musical Chairs. A bouquet of artificial of real flowers needs to be purchased before the shower. During the shower, announce to everyone that it’s time to play, “Musical Bouquet!” Have everyone stand in a big circle with the bride holding the bridal bouquet of flowers. Oh, forget to mention also, when you buy the bouquet you either need to buy a good CD filled with love songs or bring or make your own. You could even play the traditional wedding song that is played when the bride walks down the aisle (Here Comes The Bride). Anyway, someone needs to be designated as the music player. That person will begin to play the music when everyone is ready. As the music plays, the guests pass the bouquet around the circle to each other. When the music stops, whoever is holding the bouquet is out of the game and must sit down. The last person standing with the bouquet is the WINNER of the bridal shower game, Musical Bouquet!! Have fun!!

Now you have them, five free bridal shower games to play at the bridal shower you’re planning or helping to plan. I hope you do choose to play at least one or two of these at the shower. They’re loads of fun, but most importantly they will make the bridal shower a very memorable event for the bride-to-be, as well as the guests. These games make for great photo opportunities and will be a great addition to any scrapbook. Come to think of it, if you wanted to, you could make a scrapbook containing all the pictures that were taken at the shower and give it to the bride-to-be as a really nice inexpensive wedding gift!

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