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De-Coding Diesel Truck Classified Ads

You know that going diesel is the right move for you, but now that you’re facing scores of classified ads, the whole process seems a little overwhelming. Just like a dating profile, you need to be able to read between the lines. What’s the equivalent of “great personality” in diesel car lingo? Is there such a thing as “duck face” when you’re perusing images of diesel trucks for sale?

It’s the job of the person selling the truck to paint post free ads online it in the best light. It’s your job to make sure you’re not getting blinded by marketing banter or inflated claims. When browsing diesel truck classified ads, it’s important to watch out for a few key words. Here’s your quick guide to reading between the lines to avoid getting stuck with a dud.

Not all diesels are created equal, and the first thing you need to check is the year. Diesels got a bad reputation in the old days for being loud, smoky and offering bumpy rides. That’s all changed in recent years, but of course these changes aren’t proactive. Choose a diesel truck that’s no more than ten years old for the best ride. No matter what the ad says, if the truck isn’t a newer model, you’ll probably be disappointed with the emissions and bumps, unless you want to blow smoke and plan to change the suspension.

Clean diesel is a buzz word that basically means there’s technology under the hood that lowers emissions, making the truck able to pass DEQ. Removing sulfur from diesel is what produces “clean diesel” and this started in the 1970s. This process makes diesel engines up to 95 percent cleaner. However, “clean diesel” in and of itself isn’t any type of technology. It’s kind of like throwing around words like “green” and “organic,” so make sure you know exactly what kind of clean technology is featured in the vehicle you’re considering.

Direct injection signifies that fuel is injected into the cylinder directly. This gets rid of “engine knock” while simultaneously giving more power to the vehicle and improving fuel efficiency. This is one word that you really want to see in any classified ad. It’s like seeing “highly educated, former beauty queen/former body builder with no baggage” on a dating classified ad. If it comes with two-stage turbochargers, too which removes excess weight – that’s even better and akin to adding “great cook” to the dating profile.

If you live in a region that requires DEQ testing, you need to know that your new diesel truck is up to date and can pass the test. If there are excuses given about why the DEQ records aren’t up to date, that’s a huge red flag. Always have potential cars checked by a mechanic who can give an educated opinion on whether or not a vehicle will pass inspection. If it doesn’t pass muster, you may need to pass on it.

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