Attraction Real Estate – Reinventing Your Business

How to attract endless buyers and sellers to you. In this article, we’re going to talk about the secrets that the most successful real estate agents in the country have used to generate commissions in excess of one million dollars annually.

Let me be clear, the methods described here are real and have been used in many different businesses for hundreds of years. These methods have been kept as trade secrets for some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world.

What’s changed, and what we’re going to deal with here, is how the internet has changed the game. Very few in the real estate industry have used technology to have buyers and sellers almost magnetically attracted to them.

Here’s the story, just about 80% of the real estate agents who start in our industry are gone after their first year.

The other 20% never even come close to the seven figure income streams of the top producers. Look at the top producers in your office or in your city. Are they anywhere near 500 or 1000 transactions per year? If not, why would you want to use their old techniques of real estate marketing?

Honestly, the only people who make it really big in this industry are innovative leaders.

Discovering attraction real estate, building on the strategies we’re going to share with you here can be life changing for you. As a real estate broker, coach and mentor for the last 35 years, i’ve never seen a time of greater opportunity. But it’s only there for the few who decide it’s time to recognize the changes taking place and use them to their personal advantage.

Starting out as an agent the drill was simple:

Find FSBO’s and make calls or walk up and knock on their door.
Expired listings, the drill was the same find a way to meet them and build a relationship.
Hold buyers nights in my office or the local library to explain the benefits of home ownership.

My manager told me I was doing great! But what a drag, no fun at all. Soon, I realized this was not the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life, but I was good at it. So what was the next step in those days? Become a broker and teach others how to master those same skills to obtain a better life.

The goal was the spend a few years pounding the phones to find clients and customers for your business, then become the personal professional they would turn to for trusted help and advice. At that time, the idea was to pursue via phone or door knocking until you became the trusted advisor.

That was how you grew your business, pursue and build a relationship. Today we’ve gone far and away above that. With the practice of attraction real estate you can make a decision very early on in your career:

do you want to pursue, or be pursued?
How to you get people to chase you and beg you to help them?
What makes a person irresistible to others?
Why do people flock around celebrities?
How does someone become famous?
Did you ever see an absolutely gorgeous woman in a relationship with a guy that seemed like a complete idiot and wonder why?
Have you ever seen kids pick sides for a baseball game  property of turkey and notice how quickly the leaders emerge?
Why does everyone seen to want to work with the top realtor in your office?
Why can Donald Trump move from business to business and build a successful enterprise every time?
How can you use this “status” in your business to propel yourself to rock star status in your world?

Let’s talk about basic human psychology, that’s where you need to start!

What we’re talking about here is human – human relationships and attraction.

Attraction is not a choice. It is a biological certainty that evolved millions of years ago. Our very survival depended on it. Psychological experts and expert marketers have known about it for centuries. Now is your chance to utilize this knowledge to explode your real estate business.

By nature, humans congregate in groups. The associate with a leader and follow them until they grow in confidence and leadership and are ready to start their own group or family. This is a survival instinct that’s ingrained in each and every one of us since childhood. As children, we cannot survive on our own so we rely on our family, friends and advisors.


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